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We Are All Connected

Every day, walking down the streets of
      New York is the greatest place on earth    Some say,
“It’s never to late to ‘be good,’
      your mama says as she walks you to the bus
            STOP before you pull the trigger and kill a fellow human being.
We are all   connected roots help make the strongest
      Trees   are not meant to be cut down here and planted there.

Doesn’t it seem obvious that as water evaporates it must destroy
some plants to rain on others?

Some of us read left to right,
      some right to left and yet we all understand a smile, a tear
            can take a thousand pounds of force and bring it down,
up, left, right: Look all ways before you cross a border
      on insanity we do, giving our children these instructions and following others.

If this planet were a phrase it should be a palindrome starting with   Evil
      cannot be ridden of, only fought   against
            all odds we struggle sometimes only to find that in the end we don’t Live.

But dispassionate people never
      anger, when directed empathetically can do  Good
            is all the people of this earth need to be to each other
when we are all connected.