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In 2011, HubSpot had fewer than 200 employees. By 2013 that number had more than doubled. We wanted to maintain our small-company feel and startup culture, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to learn the names of all of our awesome new coworkers.

We already had a process in which new HubSpotters would make paper printouts with their names, photos, and bios, and put them on a physical wall. But over time this wasn't scalable, so we decided to make a digital version we call the Facewall.

The Facewall is a display in our lobby that rotates through the names and faces of different HubSpotters so you can learn their names as you walk by. There is also an online version which lets you search for the people you work with. There’s even a Facewall Game which rewards you for learning the names of your coworkers.

It has worked so well for us that we decided to open-source the Facewall so that other organizations could join in the fun.