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After working at HubSpot for nearly three years, I’ve decided to move on to start my own company, Eager, with my co-founder, Zack Bloom.

It’s always a difficult decision to leave a good thing, and what I had at HubSpot wasn’t good, it was insanely good. In the first two years I built the front-end of our Content Optimization System. And in the last 9 months I had the incredible opportunity to define HubSpot’s developer and open-source brand.

Prior to Zack and I forming the open-source team, HubSpot had under 2k stars on GitHub and generated very little traffic to its development team websites. Just 9 months later, it has over 30k stars and generates over 300k visits a month to the blog and project sites.

The open-source software community is full of amazing developers with passion for what they do, and the eagerness to get their hands dirty.

The problem is, these tools are only available to developers. Visually stunning projects like Vex, PACE, and Shepherd are great, but they’re only available to the the software community.

With Eager, we set out to make these projects (and much more) available to everyone, for free, with no coding required.

We can’t wait to share it with you. Follow our progress at