Below you’ll find links to a number of software and design projects I’ve created or had a primary role in.

Personal Projects

Chrome Extensions

Eager Open Source

Eager Apps (Now Cloudflare Apps)

While at Eager I built dozens of apps—bundles of JS and CSS embeddable on any website. Here are a few of my favorites:

Collaboration with Edward Tufte

On March 26, 2013, I was incredibly fortunate to have met Edward Tufte during a book signing after attending one of his courses in Boston. In the years since we’ve collaborated on a number of projects in information design, mostly on weekends.

We built a Chrome extension, worked on a number of essays, created a number of open-source projects based on his years of design work, and shared this work with the world on GitHub.

ET Notebooks

HubSpot Open Source

While at HubSpot, my friend and colleague Zack Bloom and I created and released many small open-source projects. In total these have garnered over 40,000 stars on GitHub to date.

They range from a positioning engine, Tether (now part of Bootstrap 4), to a dialog library, vex, used on hundreds of thousands of websites, to a TV display, Facewall, for visualizing a company’s employee photos.