Music has always been a huge part of my life.

I’ve been writing and performing for as long as I can remember, releasing my second album, Black & White, in 2005. I’ve scored a number of short films, several of which can be viewed on Vimeo. In 2011, I received the award for Best Musical Score at the Boston 48 Hour Film Project. I did scoring and audio identity work for Al Jazeera America.

If you need music for a film or video game, get in touch.


Original score for a hyperlapse video celebrating the Arts department at MIT.


In late 2017 I worked on an original score for an animated excerpt from a newly published Kurt Vonnegut short story, “The Drone King”.

From 2014–2015 I worked with Al Jazeera America on a number of projects, including the opening music for three shows, and the audio identity for the Al Jazeera America Presents brand.

Summary of Al Jazeera America credits

More details about these projects is coming soon.

Personal Compositions

Over the last decade, I’ve created hundreds of musical compositions in a wide variety of 20th century idioms.

As a pianist, I have a particular penchant for piano-focused rock, jazz, and chamber music. That being said I’ve composed pieces for orchestra, jazz orchestra, chamber ensembles, jazz combos, rock groups, duets, solo instruments, and a cappella groups.

Releasing music isn’t exactly my strong suit though, so I haven’t published much since 2012. Of course I’ve never stopped writing—so I hope to publish more and more over time. For now, please enjoy these mostly older works.

Short films

My greatest musical interest is in film scoring. I live to find the perfect composition to enhance a dramatic narrative.

The task always feels impossible—perfectly craft the music to fit the story, while simultaneously creating something beautiful in and of itself. If that weren’t enough, often the music must accomplish this subliminally as to avoid overshadowing the film itself.

Nevertheless, this is what I continue to strive to perfect. Here are a few short films I’ve scored.